Mioracle happens for a reason

When i was in the hospital i dont know what to expect. There are a lot of things going inside my head that makes me nervous. So i decided to write it all down and make a story out of it. With my cellphone i start to write my thougts, heres how it goes...

I'm putting all my hopes to God. Helplessness surrounds me, feeling numb all over. The past coming back, questions in my head. I'm i ready? Have i done enough? I'm i worthy? Will i survive it this time? Without her i feel i'm nothing, useless and defenseless. All is in God's hand now. He knows what is good for us, his working for me now. This is the time that i cast all the burden upon him and give me rest.

Silence is all over but i know that miracle is happening at this moment. My angel praying dearly, watching and eager to be with them once again. Little prayers sours from a distance. Quiet but load enough to be heard by those that hears not by sounds rather by pure love. Love that once lost but now coming back to ease the pain. Wounds that hurt their innocent spirits but wished that they will finally laughed it away. The eyes that wondered, why we? Confused minds that seeks reasons. Now the answers lies in her eyes. Her meer presence says "do not worry". From now on its all happiness. Every bit is an answered prayer. For me its a battle, one that i've created. A conflict that i myself injected in me.

And then a pale voice calls. I'd heard this tone before. A short walk turns all to darkness. A question that kills the one who asked. A swift swing for a slow death. Now i become that pale voice. The messanger of death, the bringer of the bad news, the keeper of thoughts. Finally the battle has come to its end. Grief echoed everywhere, the agony of pain relentless in the air. A fight with no winner.....

Myonique in our Hearts


Yuki has joined God yesterday. Her passing was fast and painful but we know that this had happened for best reasons and in God’s time.

The time we knew the condition of Yuki we started building our lives around her. Now that she’s gone I don’t know where, when and how to begin life again. There is a fear that I’ll be a disappointment once more and be helpless again just like what I’m now.

Forgive me that I was not able to save her but God knows we tried. I’m a failure and I hope Yuki will forgive me for all the pain I gave her.

Yuki’s passing is not easy for the people who loved her. She maybe just a baby but she opened our eyes that life is not about what you have but you can give. It is true that you won’t see the real meaning of life till you lose it.

Yuki has become a living message to all of us, that with her life we can all be together to be more caring, understanding and loving for others. Jesus has been with us all this time through Yuki. He re-enacted her suffering to us and just like Mary, Joseph and the apostles we suffered with her till she decided that “it is time”.

Now that Yuki is gone, its time to move on. Me and Jen has promised Yuki during her last minutes that we’ll remember her by sharing her message to others. That there is nothing more previous in this life but to be remembered to be LIFE SAVER.

All the time we thought that our objective is to save Yuki but its Yuki who saved us. Let her memories be remembered and stay in our hearts. Let us not wait for another Yuki to knock on our doors, let us go out and find another Yuki ourselves. It is through these works that we can be with God even though we are still here on earth.

Thank you for all your prayers and assistance. I hope you will still join and help us we take the path the Yuki has shown us.
Let us praise the Lord! For He has given us an angel to guide and look after us.

We invite you to join us and be with Yuki for the last time in Loyola Funeral Home in Guadalupe. Hope that you can come so we can personally thank you for saving our Family.

Thank you, Life Savers!
Mio & Jen

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Every child is a wonderful blessing

Yuki's Condition

I’m Ramiro “Mio” R. Belialba, 31 years of age and a father to three (3) girls ages 6, 3 and 5-months. Presently, I am renting in a small apartment in Taytay, Rizal and employed as IT Analyst of Bayan Telecommunications Inc. (Bayan).

April this year, our youngest daughter Myonique (nicknamed Yuki) was diagnosed with a rare congenital disease known as Biliary Atresia - a condition in newborn infants in which the common bile duct between the liver and the small intestine is blocked or absent. This uncommon disease affects 1 out of 20,000 infants and if unrecognized, may lead to liver failure.

When Baby Myonique (“Yuki”) was born, she’s like her Ate Myonna, maputi, with rosy cheeks and pink lips. After a few days, we all noticed her jaundice, but we didn’t really take it seriously, since my two daughters were also like that. So, as we normally did, we took Yuki to her pediatrician for her monthly checkup. We told the pediatrician of Yuki’s “paninilaw”, he just told us to monitor the jaundice. On her 3rd month, he did not ask us to send Myonique for clinical tests despite the obvious changes in her stool, color of eyes and skin and her being irritable.

We all thought that everything was alright, till we consulted another pediatrician. Upon seeing Yuki, she immediately told us to take her to a Pedia Gastroenterologist for testing. After the tests, we were all shocked. The doctor said that our baby is suffering from biliary atresia. Biliary atresia is a rare disease that affects 1 out of 20,000 infants and only liver transplantation can save her. But what made me really sad was when the doctor said that we might have prevented this if we had Yuki operated on when she was 2 or 3 months old.

I don’t want to blame anyone for what had happened, but it really hurts us to know that we have missed the first opportunity to save Yuki. Now that we have another chance to save her with a transplant, my wife, Jen, and I will do whatever it will take to give Yuki the cure she deserves.

I appeal to you with the rest of the Belialba and Villamor Family to help us raise funds for the needed liver transplant of Yuki. The hospitalization will be done in Taiwan, with my wife as her donor. Please help us save Baby Myonique. Yuki’s Doctor highly recommends Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH) in Kaohsuing, Taiwan for this medical procedure at a cost of P4.0Million. She likewise mentioned that the transplant should be done within the next 3-months.

With my family’s limited resources, I would like to appeal to your kind hearts by donating whatever amount you can to help us raise funds for the needed liver transplant of my daughter.

Yuki’s survival is what matters and it pains me to see her go through this. She might not be able to utter the words “Thank you” but I know that with your kindness and generosity, God will reward you a thousand fold.

Yours truly,
Mio R. Belialba

Message from my father, Mio...

I can still remember when my 3rd daughter was born and that even on the 2nd day of her birth I still have not decided what name to give her. A lot of our close relatives and friends suggested names but it just doesn't fit her. I just knew that my newborn baby has something unique in her that her name should reflect that uniqueness.
And boom ! I know, this baby from now on will be called “Myonique”.
And indeed, on her 5th month we all saw and experienced her uniqueness. She has this gift that made us all realized how life can be so precious. Precious in the sense that every moment is treasured, taking our lives one day at the time, not looking at the days ahead of us. Realizing that God will always be there guiding us and in the end, he will shows us the way. I just can not think of a way to thank Myonique because even if still can not talk or express how she feels she already made us better parents.
And as I promised God when I decided to build this family that I will be a good father as He did to all of us.
Please, help us in this time of trial.

Message from my mother, Jen...

The saddest part of my life is seeing Myonique suffering from this kind of illness. I couldn't eat, I feel depressed and keep on thinking why and how this has happened. But I realized that I still have two daughters who needs my attention, love and care.
As we go along with the treatment going back and forth the hospital, I saw hope because of what our doctor has told us. “Don’t worry Mommy, pera lang ang kailangan and this will be all over’”
And so I ask for your generous heart to help us.
It is quite over whelming because even before we made this solicitation a lot of friends have already reached out to help us not only financially but spiritually as well.

We may not be able pay you back but we promise to give it back to those who will be on the same situation. This is a commitment that we will be giving you and God for helping us.